Agricultur turizem

Milky Cow Way - Experiencing the dairy farm following the milk. a program suitable for families, groups of children, schools, kindergartens and birthdays. The tour goes through all stages of growing the calf from being born to maturity. The tour includes explanations and activities. Open every day, including Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays and Holiday evenings between 10:00-16:00.


Mammals - we discuss the mammals, a family we belong to as well. We learn about the cow. Why does it produce milk? How does it give birth? What does a cow eat? A heifer? We see a horse and a foul, rabbits, cows and heifers. The children hand out food to the cows using adjusted tools.


Milking - Once we have understood why the cow produces milk, we enter the milking section. We learn to manually milk cows. Every child receives a personal explanation, experiences and produces some milk out of the tit. A glimpse of the milk container.


Feeding heifers: Every child gets a big bottle of milk with a big nipple, and goes to feed the heifers. In the end we made cold and tasty coco from extra fresh milk (of course, after it was boiled and cooled).

A fun, delightful and challenging experience in the cow shed. You can stroll among heifers and chickens, pet tiny rabbits in the petting corner. Experience a true agricultural experience. Activities for groups, classes, birthdays and social gatherings.


Special events such as birthdays, group meetings, class meetings The content may be adjusted by age and interest.

Open every day all year round between 10:00-16:00.


On days which are not school holidays, you need to call in advance.

Brandez farm Bet Lehem Haglilit

phones: 04-9832437, 052-3275682
fax: 04-9534120

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